Faux fireplace mantel - IKEA hack

Started this project cose I always wanted a mantel for hanging Christmas stockings and voila, here it is the IKEA hack faux fireplace. Finished & ready for Halloween. 

Next update will be with Christmas decorations and those X-mas stockings I was mentioning.

Norrviken Gardens - Båstad

Båstad, presents Norrviken Gardens, a living garden museum that was created in the 1900s by Rudolf Abelin.The gardens were started as an experimental garden inspired by various countries and epochs and as a home for his family.  The main building in the middle of the park is Villa Abelin and nowadays houses the restaurant, shop and different conference rooms.  Quite magical is the big greenhouse, Viktoriahuset that in below photos was staged for a wedding ceremony. 
Another gem is the beehives area where this central building has a mesmerisin interior with the peacock feathers on the ceiling lamp. The entire vibe of the gardens is quite romantic and at every corner you discover beauty. Practical information: You can bring your own food and enjoy a nice picnic in the garden. Totally worth the visit. Enjoy.

My affordable home office

Here is my practical, cute and affordable home office. Part of the living room and furnished with IKEA products.

Change Management in Agile Projects

photo credits
Working in the last 5 years in IT projects I realised the struggles of adjusting change management from waterfall to agile. 

Reflecting on it, here are 4 Change management components that you can do agile and 4 components that are still needed as in traditional waterfall approach.

Top 10 Malmö

photo credits I first visited Malmö in August 2014 and the lack of detailed tourist information in English drove me mad. 
So…here you can find a detailed Top 10 of Malmö in English. This is my personal Top 10 preferences of Malmö’s tourist sights.


Looks like a beautiful old town but it’s really not that old.

Discovering Swedish castles: Trollenäs, Trolleholms, Bosjökloster and Skarhult (Skåne's castles)

Here is an idea of a day trip to 4 of Skåne’s most beautiful castles. This summer was a pretty cold and rainy, so far, here in Sweden. So I have decided to go out and explore the surroundings no matter how the weather is.
They all have some history behind them and as I don’t want to bore anyone I will say just a few words about them and then let you enjoy the pictures and hope to inspire you to visit them.
We visited: Trollenäs, Trolleholms (private property), Bosjökloster and Skarhult castles. Below you can see the route we took. We had the chance to enjoy the beautiful villages, the farms and the grain fields of Skåne. The scenery between Höör and Skarhult via Gudmuntorp is amazing. Here is the map with our tour: