Discovering Swedish castles: Häckeberga, Sövdeborg, Marsvinsholms and Svaneholms (Skåne castles)

Here are another 4 jewels in Skåne, Sweden: Häckeberga, Sövdeborg, Marsvinsholms and Svaneholms Castles. All in one beautiful day trip through the past. 

I have visited them in that order but it’s up to your preference. The only thing that I strongly recommend is to enjoy the beautiful country road between Häckeberga and Sövdeborg Castles. Another beautiful road is also the one between Sövdeborg and Marsvinsholms. Below is the map:

Pieces of Worsaw

Pieces of Warsaw in a short business trip. A lot of resemblances with post communist Romania from architecture, mindset and grayness.

7 gardening tips for autumn

As much as we love the summer months, autumn has arrived. We can enjoy these months also and relax in the garden. Here are the most important tips on how you can take care of your garden during autumn.
Article written in collaboration with GREENWELLE.

Top 5 Bergen (Norway) for 2-3 days visit

Hello travel lovers. Here is a short Top 5 attractions in Bergen for a short 2-3 days visit.

We have visited Bergen, Norway in August 2015 for one weekend and despite the rainy weather we made the most of it. Summer is the best time to visit as the day is longer and also all the fjord cruises are available. But here rain is a common thing for summer so take your rubber boots and also a raincoat.

If you are there during the weekend you must experience the night life. The city center is full of restaurants, terraces and pubs all crowded and full of life, music and fun. (take a look at the photos in the full article)

Discovering Swedish castles: Trollenäs, Trolleholms, Bosjökloster and Skarhult (Skåne's castles)

Here is an idea of a day trip to 4 of Skåne’s most beautiful castles. This summer was a pretty cold and rainy, so far, here in Sweden. So I have decided to go out and explore the surroundings no matter how the weather is.

They all have some history behind them and as I don’t want to bore anyone I will say just a few words about them and then let you enjoy the pictures and hope to inspire you to visit them.

We visited: Trollenäs, Trolleholms (private property), Bosjökloster and Skarhult castles. Below you can see the route we took. We had the chance to enjoy the beautiful villages, the farms and the grain fields of Skåne. The scenery between Höör and Skarhult via Gudmuntorp is amazing. Here is the map with our tour: